IRGSC statistical analysis [to be updated]





We believe in knowledge based development as a foundation for sustainable development in Indonesia. Please send your statistical data from the provinces in both ZIP or PDF files.

List of Provincial Statistical Data from Indonesia. Please right click to download the files.

East Nusa Tenggara Province Statistical Data – NTT in Figures. NEW 2011 PDF
2010PDF  2009-PDF  2007PDF; 2006PDF; Ekonomi NTT 2010; PODES NTT 2009; KESRA NTT
2009 PDF; Statistik Kesehatan NTT 2007 PDF;  More than 40 PDF concering districts’
statistica files .

Papua and West Papua Province: Studi links

West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Province Stastical Data – NTB in Figures: Social-Economic
Survey (Susenas)
1990 ZIPWord; 2009 ZIPWord; NTB in Figure 2001 ZIPPdf; 2004 PDF; 2008
PDF; 2009 PDF