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ISSN: 2085-6504
ISSN: 2085-6504
ISSN: 2085-6504
Journal of NTT Development Studies  
Call for Papers
  • Volume 3 Edition 2 - deadline 30 Sept 2011
  • Volume 4 Edition 1 - deadline 30 March 2012
  • Critical Reflection on East Nusa Tenggara Economic Development
  • Knowledge Management: Constraints and Opportunities (incl. the consequences
    lack of it)
  • Food security and human security issues of NTT
  • Social Development of NTT: Education, Health and Water/Sanitation
  • NTT Human Development Strategy: Reflection Forwards
  • Rural Development Infrastructures and Spatial Poverty Analysis of NTT
  • Interdisciplinary Research Agenda for NTT Development
  • International Aid in East Nusa Tenggara: What are the Impacts in 40 Years?
  • Risk management and climate change adaptation
  • Conflict, natural resources and development in NTT
  • Rural technology and rural energy
  • Anything relevant you think we must publish your paper or NTT readers must
    know about it
Journal of NTT Studies