Governing resources means transforming knowledge, labor, natural materials, technology and assets through different mechanism that produce
conditions that satisfying the needs and well being of a society.

On going research projects:

We will publish the details of research agendas in a strategic planning. At the moment, in regards to the Strategic Planning and Research Plan, IRGSC is
conducting a research needs and knowledge needs assessment for NTT. We have started a background paper and an early draft of 1001 research ideas for
NTT development. The title is:
1001 Research Ideas for NTT [by NTT from NTT]

We strive to investigate and publish new information and knowledge based on our diverse expertise. Our present and future research includes:

-   Human trafficking and slavery in modern Indonesia

-   Mineral resource governance and environmental governance
  • Political ecology of mining
  • Transparency in extractive industry sector
  • Environmental conflicts
  • Landscape governance
  • Natural resource governance

-   Urban governance, decentralization, and politics
  • Understanding urban politics in Indonesia
  • Urban climate adaptation
  • Policy dimension of urban waste management in emerging cities
  • Urban rural water and sanitation

-   Disaster risk and climate adaptation governance in urban and rural context
  • Documenting and publishing community based disaster management practices from 100 villages in Indonesia
  • The genesis of Public private partnership in disaster governance
  • Policy network and strategic groups analysis in disaster governance
  • Complexity of post disaster governance in large scale disasters
  • Linking adaptation, ecosystem service and risk reduction

-   Food systems under climate stress
  • Understanding food system in small islands under changing climate context
  • Urban-rural nexus
  • Food commodity atlas

-   Governance and institutional dimension of the MDGs
  • Poverty and hunger
  • Nutrition
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Health
  • Gender

-   Knowledge governance
  • Understanding different types of power and knowledge system in public policy
  • Mitigation of local knowledge loss for sustainable development

-   Open data policy and Internet for sustainable development
  • Understanding how Internet can be used as new platform for data, information and knowledge dissemination in the Indonesian archipelago.