IRGSC Research Working Paper
ISSN 2339-0638
Working Paper No:
WP No. 11
Linking Food Security, Climate Adaptation and Carbon Management
This paper addresses the reduction of carbon emission as a global climate mitigation imperative and considers the negative impacts of climate change on food production.
It argues that, in order to ensure that climate adaptation, food security and climate mitigation objectives are mutually achieved, local level intervention is necessary. The
case study shows local level action where efforts achieving food security through mutual adoption of climate adaptation (e.g. drought and soil erosion management through
land and water conservation measures) and carbon mitigation. The research questions how food security, adaptation (through drought, water and soil erosion management)
and carbon management objectives are achieved at local level. Constraints and opportunities are discussed from a local context in Indonesia.
micro-finance, urban adaptation, community based approach, inundation, ACCCRN, Semarang City, Indonesia
Yulius P. K. Suni  and Jonatan A. Lassa
Agustus 2014