IRGSC Research Working Paper
ISSN 2339-0638
Working Paper No:
WP No. 10
Micro-finance for community based sanitation as a tool for climate adaptation and risk management tools: A case study from Semarang City, Indonesia
This paper presents good practice and lesson from a community based sanitation microfinance initiative that recently adopted by Kemijen Village in Eastern part
of Semarang City, Indonesia. The paper argues that micro-finance can be used as a community based adaptation planning of Semarang City if the conditions for
sustainability can be controlled by local actors at the village level. The methods used in this study include: un-structured interviews with local communities, and
relevant stakeholders in Semarang city. Secondary sources include project reports, accounting reports and existing literature on Semaran
micro-finance, urban adaptation, community based approach, inundation, ACCCRN, Semarang City, Indonesia
Jonatan A. Lassa and Jawoto Setyono
April 2014