IRGSC Research Working Paper
ISSN 2339-0638
Working Paper No:
WP No. 9
Building Urban Resilience to Climate Change in the Secondary Cities in Indonesia
The Bandar Lampung City has taken several necessary steps in planning and building resilience to climate change. This paper investigates the evolution of
institutional transformation and policy change in the City of Bandar Lampung.  It highlights the experience on how the city adapting to climate change through
modified urban development policy. Overall, the city demonstrates a new and unique form of urban climate governance within Indonesia context. A collective
decision making body namely City Team (comprises of city departments, university based experts and academia and civil society organizations) has been formed
to temporarily function as mandated body that assesses climate risks and vulnerability, sets and prioritizes problems and programs, pilots small scale adaptation
projects, plans for city-scale adaptation intervention and functions as climate advocates within the city.  This paper highlights how Bandar Lampung evolves as
climate change ignorant city to be a climate change sensitive city as indicated by the shifts in planning, policy and budget. Challenges and barriers and policy gaps
and lessons learnt are discussed.
climate change, agriculture and food security, seed system, food system, agro-forestry, water management, abiotic and biotic stress
Jonatan A. Lassa and Erwin Nugraha
February 2014