IRGSC Research  Paper
Working Paper 15
ISSN 2339-0638
WP No: Working Paper No. 15

“Why Children are absent from Early Childhood Facilities in Eastern Indonesia?”

Keywords:  slavery, human trafficking, poverty, education, NTT, Timor

Author(s): Dominggus Elcid Li et. al.

Corresponding email:  elcidli at

Date: February 2017


Ensuring Access to early childhood education is very important condition to achieve Sustainable Development Goal #4
namely “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”. However, the
importance of early childhood education is still not yet a priority among parents in many parts of Indonesia. This research
asks what are the factors behind the high absence of children in early childhood education facilities in Eastern Indonesia?
Elimination of barriers that prevent children from attending early year education service is the ensure access to quality
education and early year education. Health issues, the impact of climate related risks, poverty, and also the local customary
issues are found to be the key barriers that contribute low presence of early year school children in Indonesia thus
contributing to the late starter in good quality education.