International journals
Selected publication by Dr. Ermi Ndoen

Selected publication by Dr. Jonatan A. Lassa

  • Lassa, J., Lam, SLJ., Tiong, R. 2012 (forthcoming) Conceptual Frameworks of Exposure of Cargo and Ports to
    Natural Hazard and Climate Extremes. Submitted to Journal of Transport Review.
  • Lassa, J. 2012. (2013) Disaster Policy Change in Indonesia 1930-2010: From Government to Governance?.
    International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters. Link
  • J. Lassa. 2012. (forthcoming). Post disaster governance, complexity and network theory: Evidence from Aceh,
    Indonesia After the Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004.. Int. Journal of Complexity in Leadership and Management
  • Lassa, J. 2012. (Forthcoming) Emerging Agricultural Involution in Indonesia: Impact of natural hazards and climate
    extremes on Agricultural Crops and Food System. ERIA Working Paper,
  • Lassa, J. 2011. Strategic Group Formation for Carbon Governance in Indonesia after the Indian Ocean Tsunami
    2004. International Journal of Disaster Risk Science. DOI.10.3974/j.issn.2095-0055.2010.02.004,
  • Lassa, J. 2011. “Disaster Governance”. In: K. Bradley Penuel and Mathew Statler (eds.): SAGE Encyclopedia of
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  • Ben Wisner, George Kent, Jean Carmalt, Brian Cook, JC Gaillard, Allan Lavell, Marcus Oxley,Terry Gibson, Ilan
    Kelman, Dewald van Niekerk, Jonatan Lassa, Zen Delica. 2011. Political will for disaster reduction: what incentives
    build it, and why is it so hard to achieve?.PDF
  • Lassa, J. 2010. Polycentric Governance of Disaster Risk Reduction: An Introduction to a New Analytical Framework.
    IDRC Conference Davos Book of Abstract, Extended Abstract: 4.
  • Haynes, K., Lassa, J., and Towers, B.. 2010. Child centred disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation:
    roles of gender and culture in Indonesia. IDS, Sussex, 47. PDF.
  • Lassa, J., Paripurno, E. T., Pristianto, J., Magatani, A., Purwanti, H., and Pujiono, P.. 2009. Community Based
    Disaster Risk Reduction (Pengurangan Risiko Bencana Berbasis Komunitas). Grasindo, Jakarta, 80.
  • Lassa, J. 2009. Understanding Food and Nutrition Policy in Indonesia: Case of East Nusa Tenggara Province 1958-
    2008 (Memahami Kebijakan Pangan dan Nutrisi Indonesia: Studi Kasus Nusa Tenggara Timur 1958-2008).
    Journal of NTT Studies, Vol 1 (1): 28-45.
  • Nakmofa, Y. and Lassa, J. 2009. Community Based Approach to Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change
    Adaptation Towards Sustainable Livelihood: Ten Years Experiences From PMPB Kupang. Journal of NTT Studies,
    Vol 1/2: 136-146.
  • Lassa, J., Bata, D. P., Kleden, T. 2009. 50 Years Journey of Food Policy in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia (50
    Tahun Ziarah Pangan NTT). PT Timor Media Grafika (ISBN 9789791709712), Indonesia, 320.
  • Lassa, J. [Ed]. 2009. The Roles of Community Based Approach for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change
    Adaptation in Indonesia, Conference Proceeding 5th National Conference Community Based Disaster Risk
    Reduction, Makassar, 5-8 Oct 2009. ISSN: 2086-1443. MPBI, Jakarta, 81.
  • Lassa, J. 2008. Measuring Sustainability of Tsunami Early Warning Systems: An Interdisciplinary Research
    Agenda. International Journal of GeoRISK - Assessment and Management of Risk for Engineered Systems. 2 (4):
    185 - 192.
  • Lassa, J. 2008. When Heaven (barely) Meets the Earth: Towards Convergency in Tsunami Early Warning Systems..
    Paper Accepted & Presented at the ISSM Conference (13-15 May 2008), Delft, Netherlands
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