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Working Paper Series
Understanding risk and benefits of Informal (Artisanal small-scale) mining of manganese by peasants in Indonesia: A study
on resource management and livelihood options in Kupang and TTS, West Timor, NTT. PDF
Linking Food Security, Climate Adaptation and Carbon Management: A Case Study from Indonesia. PDF.
Impact of climate change on agriculture and food crops: options for climate smart agriculture and local adaptation in East
NusaTenggara, IndonesiaThe impact of climate change on agriculture and food security in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.
The roles of Civil Society in Governing Disaster Reduction: Case Study from National and Local Levels in Indonesia PDF
Future of Latrines and the Future of Civilization: [A Summary from an anthropological Survey of Sanitation in West Timor,
Indonesia] PDF Bahasa PDF English
Public private partnership in a developing country: A case from West Sumatra, Indonesia. PDF
Conceptualizing an established network of a community based flood early warning system: Case of Cawang, East Jakarta,
Jakarta. PDF
The evolution of risk and vulnerability in Greater Jakarta: contesting government policy in dealing with a megacity’s exposure
to flooding. An academic response to Jakarta Floods in January 2013. PDF
"Post disaster governance, complexity and network theory: evidence from Aceh, Indonesia after the Indian Ocean Tsunami
2004." August 2012. PDF