IRGSC End of Year 2013 Seminars

"Sky & Field: Interpreting Long Term Changes in Eastern Indonesia.”  

A talk by Dr. Cynthia Fowler [[Assistant Professor, Wofford College, USA]

Venue:  Kupang,  F-Square Meeting Room  - Jl. Shopping Center (Samping Apotek Oce Farma)
Date: 20 December 2013 Time:  16.00-18.00
Some of the work of Dr. Fowler’s Previous on West Sumba
[Kodi] include:

  • 2005.  Why is Maize a Sacred Plant? Social History and Agrarian Change
    on Sumba.  Journal of Ethnobiology 25(1):39-57.
  • 1999. The Creolization of Natives and Exotics:  The Changing Symbolic
    and Functional Character of Culture and Agriculture in Kodi, West Sumba
    (Indonesia) [1999] PhD Dissertation: Ecological Anthropology, University
    of Hawaii , Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.