IRGSC In-house research staff
Inriyani Takesan (Public Health)

  • NTT’s health, food, nutrition and risk research
  • Quality of life of the people with HIV/AIDs in
    Eastern Indonesia
  • GIS and public health
  • Health governance

John Petrus Talan (Social scientist)

  • Governance dimension of water
  • Water politics
  • Disaster management policy
  • International relation

Nike Frans (medical nutritionist)

  • Nutrition and development
  • Food security and urban agriculture in Kupang
  • Vernacular food and nutrition
  • Public health
  • Early childhood education  – expenditure

Randy Banunaek (Sociologist)

  • Data management
  • Sociological approach to health insurance
  • Digitizing NTT development data
  • Data mining on NTT’s opinion in NTT

Media and arts team

Ragil Sukriwil

  • Art and social change
  • Experienced choreographer
  • Art as medium of policy critics

Former Staff/Intern
Audrey Jiwajennie