Working Paper No. 01

Post-Disaster Governance, Complexity and Network Theory: Evidence from Aceh, Indonesia after the Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004

Jonatan A. Lassa

Working Paper No. 02

The evolution of Risk and Vulnerability in Greater Jakarta: Contesting Government Policy in dealing with a Megacity’s Exposure to Flooding

Saut Sagala, Jonatan A. Lassa, Hadian Yasaditama, and Delik Hudalah

Working Paper No. 03

Conceptualizing an Established Network of a Community-Based Flood Early Warning System: Case of Cawang, East Jakarta, Indonesia

Jonatan A. Lassa, Saut Sagala, Adi Suryadini

Working Paper No. 04

Public Private Partnership in Disaster Reduction in a Developing Country: Findings From West Sumatra, Indonesia

Jonatan A. Lassa

Working Paper No. 05

Actors’ Interaction In Post-Disaster Housing Reconstruction in West Java Earthquakes 2009

[To be updated]

Working Paper No. 06

What are the roles of Civil Society in Governing Disaster Reduction? Case Study from National and Local Levels in Indonesia?

Jonatan A. Lassa, Dominggus Elcid Li, Rudi Rohi, Yosef Boli Sura

Working Paper No. 07

Future of Latrines and the Future of Civilization: Understanding Cultural Barriers and Opportunities in West Timor

Dominggus Elcid Li, Jonatan A. Lassa, John Petrus Talan, Randy Banunaek, Nike Frans, Inriyani Takesan

Working Paper No. 08

Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture and Food Crops: Options for Climate Smart Agriculture and Local Adaptation in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Jonatan A. Lassa, Yosep Seran Mau, Dominggus Elcid Li, Nike Frans

Working Paper No. 09

Building Urban Resilience to Climate Change in the Secondary Cities in Indonesia

Jonatan A. Lassa, Erwin Nugraha

Working Paper No. 10

Micro-Finance for Community-Based Sanitation as a Tool for Climate Adaptation and Risk Management Tools: A Case Study from Semarang City, Indonesia

Jonatan A. Lassa, Jawoto Setyono

Working Paper No. 11

Linking Food Security, Climate Adaptation and Carbon Management

Yulius K. Suni, Jonatan A. Lassa

Working Paper No. 12

Understanding Risk and Benefits of Informal (Artisanal small-scale) Mining of Manganese  by Peasants in Indonesia: A Study 
on Resource Management and Livelihood Options in Kupang and South Central Timor, Indonesia

Maxi Julians Rihi Dara

Working Paper No. 13

Masa Depan Tata Kelola Air dan Tantangan Penyediaan Air melalui Bendungan di  Indonesia (Studi Kasus Konflik Pembangunan Embung di NTT) 

John Petrus Talan

Working Paper No. 14

Metamorfosis Perbudakan di Indonesia

Dominggus Elcid Li

Working Paper No. 15

Why Children are absent from early childfood facilities in Eastern Indonesia?

Dominggus Elcid Li, Stevilenny Angubima, Randy Banunaek, Arthurio Oktovianus, Maria Parera

Working Paper No. 16

Human Trafficking and Corruption in Post-Soeharto Period within Indonesian Border

Dominggus Elcid Li, Rosna Bernadetha, Lia Wetangterah, Paul Sinlaeloe

Working Paper No. 17

The Return of Locust Outbreak in Sumba, Indonesia: A Rapid Situational Analysis. 

Jonatan A. Lassa