Understanding Majority-Minority Relations in Indonesian Archipelago – Nusantara School of Difference 2019

From 27 July till 10 August 2019, 27 participants from five countries and eight provinces in Indonesia participated in The 2nd Nusantara School of Difference (NSD) 2019 – Understanding Majority and Minority Relations in Indonesian Archipelago. This event is conducted through a collaboration between IRGSC (Institute of Resource Governance and Social Change) and CEDAR (Communities

Selected Past Events [Since 2012]

18-20 December – NTT Expo and Seminars International workshop on mining policy and sustainable rural livelihoods in NTT Province. Prof Kathryn Robinson (ANU) and Prof Maribeth Erb (NUS) September 2017 – Human Trafficking in Indonesia (Presentation at Indonesia Update at ANU Canberra 27 July – 9 August 2017 – Summer School, Indonesia School of Difference 23 Maret 2017

NTT Expo and Conference 2017

Datang dan hadirilah! Dalam rangka Peringatan HUT NTT yang ke-59 sekaligus terkait dengan masa akhir pemerintahan Gubernur NTT, Frans Lebu Raya, dan Wakil Gubernur NTT, Benny Litelnoni, Pemda NTT bekerja sama dengan  Institute of Resource Governance and Social Change (IRGSC), menyelenggarakan Expo dan Konferensi bertajuk NTT Investment and Development Expo 2017. Acara Konferensi akan berlangsung selama 3

Call for Applications – Nusantara School of Difference 2019

Understanding Minority and Majority Relations: Lessons from Indonesian Archipelago July 27-August 10, 2019West Java and East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. As an archipelago, Indonesia has long struggled both to defend its unity as well as to advance its founding principle of “Bhineka Tunggal Ika” (Unity in Diversity), which is represented on the Garuda Pancasila (national emblem) and articulated in the Pancasila (Five Principles).