CARR Governance Series
Achieving resilience through communicating research, policy and practice in DRR and CCA in Indonesia
About CARR Governance Series
CARR Governance is dedicated to exclusively share research findings, policy, grounded good practice,
operationalized concepts of CBDRR, perceptions on CBDRR-CBCCA, and empirical works on community based
early warning system from the field in Indonesia.  

Call for contribution for CARR.
Submission are welcome, CARR Series look forward to build a new road map in CBDRM, CBCAA and CDD
theory, policy, methods, and practice in Indonesia.

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Editorial team

Lead editor: Dr. Jonatan A. Lassa (MPBI ordinary member, Circle Indonesia Associate)
Co-editor:  Dr. Saut Sagala (Bandung Institute of Technology)

Reviewer committee:
Dr. Puji Pujiono (Former General Secretary of MPBI)
Dr. Eko Teguh Paripurno (UNISDR Sasakawa Laureate2009)
Dr. Syamsiddik (TDMRC, Syahkuala University)
Muhibuddin Usamah (RMIT Melbourne, Australia).
Rahmawati Husein (Texas A&M University, CS).
Wignyo Adiyoso, Ritsumeikan University Jepang and Bappenas
CARR is no longer published. It is superseded by IRGSC Policy Brief

Fourth (4th) Issue: March 2012
Briefing Note 1. Towards a Post-2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction:  Indonesian Civil Society First Response.

Third Issue: January 2012
Focus: Culture and Disasters: A Beautiful Mind of Indigenous Flood Legend From Papua.
  • For January 2012, CARR focuses on local knowledge preserved in the almost forgotten flood legend from Arso, Keerom, Papua Province, Indonesia. The authors argue that
    the Arso's flood legend reflects the beautiful mind of the indigenous people of Arso. Today, policy makers and young generations see the legend as an empty myth. Under
    rapid social demographic and economic change today, Keerom's path to sustainable development will be challenged by an increasing vulnerability and risks. The local
    knowledge provide clues on human-environment relations in the past that is almost forgotten which can be beneficial for present generation. PDF

Second Issue - December 2011
Focus: “Do you want to be a man or a woman in the reincarnation?” A reflection on gender after disaster in Nias Island, Indonesia!
  • In December 2011, CARR focuses on gender after disasters in Nias Island, North Sumatra, Indonesia. “If there is incarnation, and you were given chances to come to the
    same village as human, what gender do you want to be: a woman or a man?”  The authors used this question to have a glimpse of the perspectives of both women and
    men in rural and urban setting regarding their roles in post disaster settings in three districts in North Sumatra, Indonesia. PDF

First Issue - November 2011
Focus: Linking community based disaster risk reduction with climate adaptation and development.
  • Incentives for disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation are available through other means. Existing trend in village level investment is limited. This article briefly
    explained "why Indonesia needs hybrid knowledge platform for integrating DRR, CCA and community driven development?"
  • Integration of DRR-CCA and local development depends on political will and administrative capacity of local actors
  • The rise of disaster management professionals in Indonesia
Photo: Animasi/Makriv TTS