Institute of Resource Governance and Social Change
Producing knowledge, Inspiring Policy Innovation and Change
IRGSC aims to produce knowledge, and inspire policy innovation and change.

IRGSC is both a policy research institute and think tank comprising a new generation of researchers/scientists/ scholars, public intellectuals, and
policy entrepreneurs based in Indonesia.  Established in 2012 with its headquarters in Kupang, Nusatenggara Timur (NTT), Indonesia, IRGSC’s
regional focus includes Indonesia, Timor-Leste, and ASEAN countries.  Being based in West Timor, Indonesia gives IRGSC the opportunity to also
promote studies on Eastern and Southeastern Indonesia with a greater focus on NTT Studies.

Using empirically grounded evidence, IRGSC seeks to contribute to international, national and regional debates on resource governance, disaster
governance, disaster risk reduction, risk governance, climate adaptation, health policy, knowledge governance and development studies in general.
IRGSC's mission includes: promote evidence-based policy through capacity development of scientists, bureaucrats, local politicians, private
business,   NGO/CSO activists, community leaders. In addition to our
Research Clusters, we seek to establish a homegrown development of NTT
regional studies. In addition to research and knowledge production activities, working through civil society, IRGSC contributes social change in

IRGSC In-house research staff

Iky S P Prayitno MA (PCTS Korea)
  • Women trafficking in Indonesia
  • Religion and development

Inriyani Takesan (Public Health)
  • NTT's health, food, nutrition and risk research
  • Quality of life of the people with HIV/AIDs in
    Eastern Indonesia
  • GIS and public health
  • Health governance

John Petrus Talan (Social scientist)
  • Governance dimension of water
  • Water politics
  • Disaster management policy
  • International relation

Nike Frans (medical nutritionist)
  • Nutrition and development
  • Food security and urban agriculture in Kupang
  • Vernacular food and nutrition
  • Public health
  • Early childhood education  - expenditure

Randy Banunaek (Sociologist)
  • Data management
  • Sociological approach to health insurance
  • Digitizing NTT development data
  • Data mining on NTT's opinion in NTT

Oktaviana Djulete (Education)
  • Education
  • NGO management

Edward Tasman (Political science)
  • "Saturday politics" in NTT
  • Local politics

Yosef Boli (Philosophy and social science)
  • Disaster management [15 years experience]
  • Social science
  • Food and livelihoods analysis [15 years

Media and arts team

Ragil Sukriwil
  • Art and social change
  • Experienced choreographer
  • Art as medium of policy critics

Former Staff/Intern
Audrey Jiwajennie

Advisory boards
Founding executive director: Dominggus Elcid Li PhD

Honorary Senior Fellows: Prof. Dr. Adam Seligman (Boston University, USA)

NTT based fellows:

Non-residential Fellows
    Dr. Saut Sagala (Bandung Institute of Technology)
    Dr. Andre Damaledo (Anthropology, Australian National University)
    I Wayan Mudita PhD (Charles Darwin University, Australia)
    Torry Kuswardono (Pikul Foundation)
    Jermi Haning (PhD Cand, Environmental Planning, Massey University, New Zealand)
    Nelsensius Klau (MHIP; MHID; MRD)

Associate fellows:

    Umbu Reku Raya (PhD Candidate - Australian National University)
    Herman Seran MSc (Mineral economics, Curtin University Australia)
    Meks Ndii PhD  (Mathematical Biology – Newcastle Univ, Australia)
    Adrianus Amheka PhD (Energy and Sust. Environment Tsukuba University, Japan)
    Arnoldus Klau Berek (PhD Candidate, University of Hawaii)
    Philipe De Rosari (MSc Chemistry; MSc Water - PhD Cand., Griffith University, Australia)
    Yohanis Ngongo PhD (University of Queensland, Australia)
    Dr. Mes Dethan (Heidelberg University - now based at UKAW Kupang).
    Dr. Inosensius Sutam (STKIP Ruteng - PhD graduate from Institut Catholique de Paris)
    Oce Boimau (MScPh, Griffith University, Australia)  
    Candra Dethan (MA from Institute of Development Studies UK
    Blandina Bait (MA from School of Development Studies, UEA Norwich UK)
    Gusti Brewon (expert in HIV/AIDs)
    Nahad Baunsele (Epidemiology, University School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine)
    Cypri Jehan Paju Dale PhD Candidate, (Bern University, Switzerland)
    Jemris Fointuna  
    Ben Tarigan (Nusa Cendana University)
    Merly Klaas (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA - Education specialist)
    Maxi Rihidara (MSc - Australian National University)