Research and Studies on West Timor Districts (tobe updated)
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West Timor General
  • "Nature against Poverty: Development, Resources and the Environment in Eastern Indonesia." Aula Rektorat Undana Penfui Kupang
    tanggal 30 Juli 2009, jam 9 pagi. PDF. Info lanjutan.....klik

  • Deepa Pradhan dkk (2009) Management of Water Reservoirs (Embungs) in West Timor, Indonesia. PDF
  • Trade and Growth Horizons for Nusa Tenggara Timur and Timor-Leste PDF
  • Yohanis Manhitu 2007 Indonesian-Tetum and Tetum-Indonesian Dictionary. Link
  • Yohanis Manhitu 2009 Nenomatne Nbolen: Puisi Uab Metô Sin Lê Mabuab (Matahari Telah Terbit: Sebuah Antologi Puisi Dawan) link
  • Mery Kolimon 2008. A Theology of Empowerment - Reflections from a West Timorese Feminist Perspective. Link
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  • Steven Farram 2009 A Political History of West Timor, 1901-1967 PDF
  • Steven Farram 2009. Usi Lan Ai: the raja who died by fire. The death of Raja Bil Nope in Netherlands Timor, 1910 PDF
  • Steven Farram 2010. The PKI in West Timor and Nusa Tenggara Timur 1965 and beyond PDF
  • Bayu Setiawan 2004 : "Barriers to male participation in family planning in West Timor" Pacific population journal" PDF
  • Fredrik Lukas Benu 2003, Farm productivity and farmers’ welfare in West Timor, Indonesia, PDF NEW Entry

Timor Tengah Selatan
  • Martianto et. Al. 2008 Analisis Situasi Ketahanan Pangan Dan Gizi Dan Program Untuk Memperkuat Ketahanan Pangan Dan
    Memperbaiki Status Gizi Anak Di Kabupaten Timor Tengah Selatan Provinsi Nusa Tenggara Timur. Kerjasama Fakultas Ekologi
    Manusia IPB dan Plan Indonesia. PDF.

Collection by Andrew McWilliam (available online)
  • 2002: Paths of Origin: Gates of Life. A Study of Place and Precedence in Southwest Timor. Verhandelingen, 202. Leiden: KITLV
    Press. PDF
  • Andrew McWilliam 2001: "Haumeni...not many: renewed plunder and mismanagement in the Timorese sandalwood industry." PDF
  • Andrew McWilliam  1999: "From Lord of the Earth to village head: Adapting to the nation state in West Timor’. PDF
  • Precedence: Social Differentiation in the Austronesian World edited by Michael P. Vischer 2009 PDF - The edition contains papers
    on NTT such as Trunk and Tip in West Timor: Precedence in a botanical idiom by Andrew McWilliam
  • 1997 ‘Mapping with Metaphor: Cultural Topographies in West Timor.’ In James J. Fox (ed), The Poetic Power of Place: Comparative
    Perspectives oo Austronesian Ideas of Locality. Canberra: RSPAS, Australian National University, pp103-15. PDF chapter 6
  • 2000 ‘Fire and Cultural Burning in Nusa Tenggara Timur: Some Implications of Fire Management Practices for Indonesian
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Andrew McWilliam Papers not available on line
  • 1998 ‘Funeral of a Timorese Raja’. In James J Fox (ed). Indonesian Heritage: Religion and Ritual. Singapore: Editions Didier Millet,
  • 1996 'Severed Heads that Germinate the State’: History, Politics and Headhunting in South West Timor. In J. Hoskins (ed).
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    September. pp59-74
  • 1991 ‘Prayers of the Sacred Stone and Tree: Aspects of Invocation in West Timor’. Canberra Anthropology. Vol 14, pp 49-59.

Other Publication on TTS
  • Karen Janelle Campbell-Nelson 2003, "Learning resistance in West Timor." Doctoral Dissertation of the University of Massachusetts
    Amhers, USA)
  • Altaban Nicodemus Nenabu 2006: "Conflict History between Lotas Villagers of Timor Tengah Selatan District and Lotas Villagers of
    Belu District."  Download Paper

Ermi Ndoen et. al. on Public Health of TTS
  • Indonesia – An Overview." By Ermi M. L. Ndoen, Pat Dale, Neil Sipe, Mike Dale 2008. Asia Pacific Mosquito Bite Journal" Vol. 3.
    Issue 1, July 2008. PDF
  • Ermi Ndoen and Titik Respati Gilarsi 2005: "Analysis of Malaria Incidence, Altitude, and Rainfall a Study in the TTS District, West
    Timor, Indonesia." PDF
  • Ermi Ndoen et. al. 2005: "Factors Associated With  the Pattern of  Dengue Haemorrhagic Ever (DHF) Incidence In Indonesia". PDF

Publication on Kabupaten Kupang - Amarasi, Helong Etc.
  • Melitus Ataupah 2007: “Prasangka Dan Resistensi: Penolakan Masyarakat Ponain- Amarasi Terhadap Pendatang” Pascasarjana, UKSW-
    Salatiga. SARIPATI MA Tesis. PDF
  • “Wanatani di Nusa Tenggara: Prosiding Lokakarya Wanatani Se-Nusa Tenggara November 2001 PDF
  • J. Nulik, D. Kana Hau and Asnah “The Amarasi Farming System, its Economic Aspects and the Adoption of Improved Cattle Feeding
    and Group Pen Systems.” PDF
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    Indonesia. Occasional paper CIFOR 1999/1. PDF
  • Paul H. Jones 1983 “Lamtoro and The Amarasi Model from Timor.” PDF
  • Misriani Balle 2007: "Multiple words (homonymy) or multiple senses (polysemy)? Exploring the semantics of Helong" PDF
  • Lay Matheos 2007: “Ketahanan Yang Rawan Prospek Ketahanan Pangan Di Kabupaten Kupang” Program Pascasarjana UKSW -Salatiga.
  • Akhmadi 2006: "Studi Keluar dari Kemiskinan Kasus di Komunitas RW 4, Dusun Kiuteta, Desa Noelbaki, Kecamatan Kupang Tengah,
    Kabupaten Kupang, Nusa Tenggara Timur." PDF
  • June Jacob and Barbara Dix Grimes 2006: Developing a role for Kupang Malay: the contemporary politics of an eastern Indonesian
    creole. The preceding document 10ICAL PDF

Publication on Timor Tengah Utara
  • Johan Kieft 2001: Indigenous variety development in food crops strategies on Timor: their relevance for in situ biodiversity. PDF
  • Yohanes Dela Salle Thius 2006: "The Analysis on the Role of Timor Tengah Utara District Government in Search for Conflict
    Resolution between Naiola and Oetalus Village in East Nusa Tenggara Province." PDF

List Publication Kabupaten Belu -
  • Kabupaten Belu, Nusa Tenggara Timur. World Agroforestry Centre. PDF
  • Melissa Johnston' review (2007) "Wehali, the Female Land: Traditions of a Timorese Ritual Centre. By Tom Therik 2004.Pandanus
    Books, Canberra." Intersections: Gender, History and Culture in the Asian Context. PDF
GIS Applications for Sustainable Development and Good
Governance in Eastern Indonesia and Timor Leste – and is
now available, Published by
Charles Darwin University
Press. The book is derived from GIS Conference in
Undana 2008.
link NEW BookCoverPDF, TOCpdf

Russell-Smith, et. al. eds. 2007 Rural Livelihoods and
Burning Practices in Savanna Landscapes of Nusa
Tenggara Timur, Eastern Indonesia. Human Ecology,
Volume 35, Number 3. Link and PDF

Russell Smith, et. al. eds 1999 Fire and Sustainable
Agricultural and Forestry Development in Eastern
Indonesia and Northern Australia’. Canberra: ACIAR
Proceedings 91.

Yohanes Manhitu 2007 “Tabel Verba Uab Metô,
Indonesia, ma Inglés (Tabel Kata kerja bahasa Dawan,
Indonesia, dan Inggris - Table of Dawan, Indonesian, and
English Verbs).” PDF

Yohanes Manhitu 2007 "Bahasa Dawan (Uab Meto)
Selayang Pandang."

Dominggus Elcid Li 2007: 8 Years After 1999 - East
Timorese in
West Timor (Inside Indonesia 47)

Neal Dalgliesh, Esnawan Budisantoso, Toni Darbas,
Yohanis Ngongo and Jeremy Whish 2008 "Developing a
strategy for improved crop and animal production in the
semi-arid tropics of West Timor."

David A  Bradt  and Christina M  Drummond 2008 "Delayed
recognition of excess mortality in West Timor."
Emergency Medicine Australasia (2008) 20, 70–77  
  • Uab Meto June 2010. PDF
  • Uab Meto August 2010. PDF NEW
  • Uab Meto October 2010. PDF NEW