Research and Publications on Flores - Lembata  
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Publications on Flores General

2008. PhD Thesis: A study of the implementation of school-based management in Flores Primary Schools in Indonesia by Agustinus

Tata Hutabarat, Maria Geong, dkk "Rabies and dog ecology in Flores. Edited by Cutter, S" PDF

Wayan Arka 2007: "Creole genesis and extreme analyticity in Flores language" PDF

Precedence: Social Differentiation in the Austronesian World edited by Michael P. Vischer 2009 PDF - This edition contains papers
on NTT such as
  • Trunk and Tip in West Timor: Precedence in a botanical idiom by Andrew McWilliam
  • Precedence in the Formation of the Domain of Wai Brama and the Rajadom of Sikka E. D. Lewis
  • Precedence, Contestation, and the Deployment of Sacred Authority in a Florenese Village David Butterworth
  • A Tale of Two Villages: Hierarchy and precedence in Keo dual organization (Flores, Indonesia)  Gregory Forth
  • Hierarchy, Precedence and Values: Scopes for social action in Ngadhaland, Central Flores by Olaf H. Smedal

Kompilasi Publikasi dan Paper Flores Timur dan Lembata

  • Kompas 2010 ''Jejak Silang Budaya LARANTUKA'' Link
  • NAONORI NAGAYA 2009 Subject and topic in Lamaholot, Eastern Flores. PDF
  • Bencana Yang Terlupakan? Mengingat Kembali Bencana Larantuka dan Lembata 1979-2009 (The Forgotten Disasters?
    Remembering The Larantuka and Lembata Disaster 1979-2009) Link
  • Robert Barnes 2009. A temple, a mission, and a war: Jesuit missionaries and local culture in East Flores in the nineteenth
    century. PDF
  • Philiphus Tule 2001. Longing for the House of God, Dwelling in the House of the Ancestors: Local Belief, Christianity and
    Islam among the Kéo of Central Flores. Link
  • Philiphus Tule 1998. The Indigenous Muslim Minority Group In Ma’undai (Keo) of Central Flores: Between the House of Islam
    and the House of Culture. PDF
  • Plan Indonesia (2006) Penilaian Situasi Pangan & Gizi Di Wilayah Kerja Plan Indonesia Program Unit Lembata. PDF
  • Robert Barnes 2005 Hongi Hinga and its implications A war of colonial consolidation in the Timor Residency in 1904. PDF
  • Robert Barnes 2003. Fransiskus/Usman Buang Duran; Catholic, Muslim, communist. PDF
  • Robert Barnes 2001. Alliance and warfare in an Eastern Indonesian principality. Kédang in the last half of the nineteenth
    century. PDF
  • Robert Barnes 1987. Avarice and iniquity at the Solor Fort. PDF
  • Robert Barnes 1975. Mancala in Kédang: a structural test. PDF
  • Robert Barnes 1989 Méi Nafa, a rite of expiation in Lamalera, Indonesia PDF
  • Kisah Wato Wele-Lia Nurat dalam tradisi puisi lisan Flores Timur  By Yoseph Yapi Taum, Achadiati Ikram LINK

Publikasi dan Penelitian Tentang Ende dan Flores Tengah

Working Paper #14 Kanisius Rambut "Pengetahuan, Sikap dan Praktek Sanitasi dan Kesehatan Lingkungan: Studi Kasus Kecamatan
Pulau Ende, Kabupaten Ende, NTT"
Philiphus Tule 2006 Chapter 9. We Are Children Of The Land: A Keo Perspective. PDF
Sugishima Takashi 20006. Where Have the “Entrepreneurs” Gone? A Historical Comment on Adat in Central Flores. PDF
Sugishima Takashi 1994. Double descent, alliance, and botanical metaphors among the Lionese of Central Flores. PDF
Satoshi Nakagawa 2007. From Paddy to Vanilla, Elephant Tusks to Money. PDF
Yamaguchi , Masao 1989. Nai Kéu, a ritual of the Lio of Central Flores. PDF

Gregory Forth on Ende:

  • 2006. ‘Flores after floresiensis: Implications of local reaction to recent palaeoanthropological discoveries on an eastern
    Indonesian island’. PDF
  • 2008. Wildman: Images from Flores, Southeast Asia, and Elsewhere. London: Kegan Paul.
  • 2004. Nage birds: Classification and symbolism among an eastern Indonesian people.  
  • 2004. Guardians of the land in Kelimado: Louis Fontijne's study of a colonial district in eastern Indonesia (KITLV) Press. .
  • 2001. Dualism and hierarchy: Processes of binary combination in Keo society.  
  • 1998. Beneath the volcano: Religion, cosmology and spirit classification among the Nage of eastern Indonesia.  
  • 1989. 'The pa sese festival of the Nage of Bo'a Wae (central Flores)'. In C. Barraud & J. Platenkamp, eds. Ritual and socio-
    cosmic order in eastern Indonesian societies. PDF

Publication on NGADA

Olaf H. Smedal on Ngada
  • Hierarchy, Precedence and Values: Scopes for social action in Ngadhaland, Central Flores
  • 2009   On the Value of the Beast or the Limit of Money: Notes on the Meaning of Marriage Prestations among the Ngadha,
    Central Flores. In Hierarchy: Persistence and Transformation in Social Formations, pp 269-297. Oxford & New York:
    Berghahn Books.
  • 2002 Ngadha relationship terms in context: Description, analysis, and implications. Asian Journal of Social Science 30 (3):493-
  • 2000  Sociality on display: The aesthetics of Ngadha Houses. RES: Anthropology and Aesthetics 37:(106-126).
  • 1996    Conquest and comfort: the Ngadha 'bad death' ritual. In Signe Howell (ed.): For the sake of our future: Sacrificing in
    Eastern Indonesia. Leiden: CNWS.

Umbu Reku Raya dkk 2002 "The Impact Of Tariff Policy And Inter-Island Transport Costs On The Profitability of Soybean
Production In Ngada Regency, NTT
Jayne Curnow  2008 "Making a living on Flores, Indonesia: Why understanding surplus distribution is crucial to economic
development." Asia Pacific Viewpoint, Vol. 49, No. 3, December 2008.
Michelle Carnegie 2008 "Development prospects in Eastern Indonesia: Learning from Oelua's diverse economy" Asia Pacific
Viewpoint, Vol. 49, No. 3, December 2008.
Susanne Choroter 2003. Red cocks and black hens : Gendered symbolism, kinship and social practice in the Ngada highlands PDF
Djoeroemana, Myers, Russell-Smith, Blyth and Salean (eds) 2007:"Integrated rural development in East Nusa Tenggara,
Indonesia. Proceedings of a workshop to identify sustainable rural ivelihoods, held in Kupang, Indonesia
Download Part 1. Page 001-066]  Download Part 2. Page 067-131]    Download Part 3. Page 132-195

Manggarai, Manggarai Barat

  • Catherin Allerton 2004. The path of marriage; Journeys and transformations in Manggarai, eastern Indonesia. PDF
  • Sebuah bibliography tentang Manggarai - M. Willemsen Bibliography of Jilis A.J. Verheijen SVD 1998. PDF
  • Rodney Needham 1985. Prescription and variation in Rembong, Western Flores. PDF
  • Jamex Fox 1977 Notes on the southern voyages and settlements of the Sama-Bajau PDF

Marybeth Erb
  • 1999. The Manggaraians: Guide to Traditional Life Styles,
  • 2005 “Creating Cultural Identity in an Era of Regional Autonomy: Reinventing Manggarai?” with Romanus Beni, and
    Wilhelmus Anggal, in Regionalism in Post-Suharto Indonesia, Maribeth Erb
  • Negotiating History: Myth, Power and Ethnicity in Manggarai (Flores, Eastern Indonesia)
  • "The Curse of the Cooked People: Weaving among the Rembong, Northeastern Manggarai."
  • 2004 “Miscommunication and Cultural Values in Conflict: Reflections on Morality and Tourism in Labuan Bajo, Flores,
  • 2003 “True Catholics: Religion and Identity in Western Flores”, in Franck Michael ed. special issue on Religion and
    Identity (Sentiments religieux et identités culturelles), Histoire et Anthropologie Asies 2: 125-160.
  • 2001 “Le Tourisme et la Quete de la Culture a Manggarai” (Tourism, and the Search for Culture in Manggarai), special
    issue on the Anthropology of Tourism in Southeast Asia, edited by Michel Picard and Jean Michaud, Anthropologie et
    Societes 25(2): 93-108.
  • 2000 “Work, Consumption and the Indonesian Crises in Western Flores”, Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science,
    special issue on Changing Indonesia, 28 (2):131-152.
  • 1998 “The Deer and the Boar: Hunting, Predatory Animals and Rituals of Respect in Rembong Manggarai”, Antropologi
    Indonesia vol. 56: 28-36.
  • 2001 “Eco-tourism and Environmental Conservation in Western Flores: Who Benefits?”, Antropologi Indonesia 66: 72-88
  • Tourism Space in Manggarai, Western Flores, Indonesia: The House as a Contested Place", Singapore Journal of Tropical
    Geography 19: 177-192.
  • "Contested Time and Place: Myth and History in Todo, Manggarai (Flores, Indonesia)." Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
    28: 47-77. 1997.
  • "Cuddling the Rice: Myth and Ritual in the Agricultural Year of the Rembong of Northern Manggarai, Indonesia."
    Contributions to Southeast Asian Ethnography 10: 151-183. 1994.
  • "Becoming Complete Among the Rembong: This Life and The Next." Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science 21: 10-33.

Komersialisasi Tenunan Songke: Dampaknya Terhadap Masyarakat Manggarai Studi Kasus di Kecamatan Cibal, Kabupaten
Manggarai, Flores, NTT.

The Impact of Roads Upon Local Small and Medium Enterprises in Manggarai District, NTT Province PDF

David T. Butry & Subhrendu K. Pattanayak 2001. Welfare Implications of Tropical Forest Conservation: The Case of Ruteng Parkf

Subhrendu K. Pattanayak and Catherine G. Corey, Yewah F. Lau, Randall A. Kramer. Forest malaria: A microeconomic study of
forest protection and child malaria in Flores, Indonesia.

Publication on SIKKA

The Implications of Knowledge Management Sustainability For Leadership In An Organization: An Exploration and Analysis of
Leadership Theories and Knowledge Management Practices  In Bangwita Flores, Indonesia Nikolaus Salo

Dinas Kesehatan Sikka 2008. Profil Kesehatan Kabupaten Sikka Tahun 2007. PDF

E.D Lewis Publication on SIKKA
  • 1998. The tyranny of the text; Oral tradition and the power of writing in Sikka and Tana ?Ai, Flores PDF
  • 1989 Word and act in the curing rituals of the Ata Tana ’Ai of Flores. PDF
  • 1999 The encyclopaedic impulse; Accounts of the origin of the rajadom of Sikka by two Sikkanese authors. PDF

Joachim K. Metzner 1982. Agriculture and population pressure in Sikka, Isle of Flores: a contribution to the study of the
stability of agricultural systems in the wet and dry tropics.

The making and unmaking of tropical science: Dutch research on Indonesia, 1600-2000. PDF

East Nusa Tenggara Conference  2007 Papers and Abstracts 1-3 August 2007.

NTT dalam angka 2007. PDF
Sikka dalam angka 2007. PDF
Sikka dalam angka 2006. PDF
Sikka dalam angka 2005. PDF
Flotim dalam angka 2006  PDF
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