Eastern Indonesia Review
Call for Paper
Water Governance in Indonesia WP 12

The Future of Water Governance& Challenges
of Water Supply Through Dam Construction:
Dam Conflict in NTT, Indonesia

Understanding risk and benefits of Informal
(Artisanal small-scale) mining of manganese by
peasants in Indonesia: A study on resource
management and livelihood options in  NTT.
IRGSC shares its knowledge in many forms:

IRGSC Seminars and Events

Writing for Change Workshops

Pelatihan Menulis "Menulis ringan tetapi mengena" - Oleh Pius Rengka,
Feb 2015. Venue at IRGSC Office in Kupang, Marungga Room. 15.00-

Writing for Change for Young Activists. 13-14 December 2013. by
Victor Mesakh

WfC for young doctors of Undana Medical Faculty on 21 Dec 2012 and 23 Feb
2013 -
by Ermi Ndoen PhD and Jonatan Lassa.

Workshop on How to draft a research proposal (for PhD and Master by
research). 4
Feb 2013 at Undana. Organised by Griffith University, FAN -
IRGSC's research
fellows were involved. Links. See the presentation in PDF

Understanding complexity network workshop 1 by IRGSC dan FISIP Undana.
  • Solving complex problems using complexity and network theory! Nov 2012

Impact of climate change on agriculture and food
options for climate smart agriculture and local
in East NusaTenggara, Indonesia.

Unit Cost and Expenditure Analysis for Holistic Integrative
Early Childhood Development in Nusa Tenggara Timur.

NEW - NTT Research Focus FHNRW Food, Health,
Nutrition, Risk and Water

  • NTT Research Focus 024, 16-31 July 2014, PDF
  • NTT Research Focus 023 1-15 July 2014, PDF
  • NTT Research Focus 022 16-30 June 2014. PDF.
New IRGSC Policy Brief
  • Policy Brief 014 Gambaran Keamanan Pangan di Nusa Tenggara Timur:
    Pembahasan Penemuan Formalin dalam Ikan yang beredar di Provinsi
    NTT. PDF
  • Policy Brief 013  Menuju Pembangunan Sanitasi yang Berkelanjutan:
    Pembelajaran dari Program Sanitasi Total Berbasis Masyarakat. PDF.