Science for kids of NTT:
  • Water science for kids
  • Malaria science for kids
  • Health science for kids
Selected Journal articles

  • Wolbachia Into Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes to Reduce
    Dengue Transmission.  The ANZIAM Journal - a
    Cambridge Journal. DOI
  • Ermi Ndoen et. al., 2010 Relationships between
    anopheline mosquitoes and topography in West Timor
    and Java, Indonesia. Malaria Journal, 9:242
  • Gerhard Visser, Pat Dale, David Dowe, Ermi Ndoen, et.
    al. 012. A novel approach for modeling malaria incidence
    using complex categorical household data:  Computational
    Ecology and Software, 2(3):140-15.
  • Faimau, G. (forthcoming), “British Christian Print Media
    and the Framing of Islam and Muslims through the Lens
    of Christian Persecution”, Journal of Intercultural Studies,
Future Conference and talks

NEW - NTT Research Focus FHNRW Food,
Health, Nutrition, Risk and Water

  • NTT Research focus 015, 1-15 Mar 2014, PDF
  • NTT Research focus 014, 16-28 Feb 2014, PDF
  • NTT Research focus 013, 1-15 Feb 2014, PDF
  • NTT Research focus 012, 16-30 Jan 2014. PDF
  • NTT Research focus 011, 1-15 Jan 2014.   PDF; Docx
  • NTT Research focus 010, 16-30 Dec 2013. PDF; Docx
  • NTT Research Focus 009, 1-15 Dec 2013, PDF
  • NTT Research Focus 008, 16-20 Nov 13, PDF. HTML
  • NTT Research Focus 007, 1-15 Nov 13, PDF, HTML
  • NTT Research Focus 006, 16-31 Oct 13, PDF, HTMLL

Selected IRGSC Papers

Kathemak Lunch Seminar, 16 February 2013, Kupang, NTT
(IRGSC Office)
Title:        Menuju modernisasi agro-industri berkelanjutan di NTT:
Ide Untuk Sopi Flobamora.

Bozze Lunch Seminar, November 16th 2012, Kupang/NTT.
Talk by Yulius Suni; Title: Linking food security and carbon
management [and drought management]:

Dr. Ermi Ndoen 2012. Environmental factors and an eco-
epidemiological model of malaria in Indonesia Handout PDF.  
IRGSC's First Lunch Seminar. News: Jakarta Post, Victory News,
Pos Kupang
2014 IRGSC Seminars and Events

IRGSC shares its knowledge in many forms:

Writing for Change Workshops

Writing for Change for Young Activists. 13-14 December 2013. by Matheos
Victor Mesakh

WfC for young doctors of Undana Medical Faculty on 21 Dec 2012 and 23 Feb 2013 -
by Ermi Ndoen PhD and Jonatan Lassa.

Workshop on How to draft a research proposal (for PhD and Master by research). 4
Feb 2013 at Undana. Organised by Griffith University, FAN - IRGSC's research
fellows were involved.
Links. See the presentation in PDF

Understanding complexity network workshop 1 by IRGSC dan FISIP Undana.
  • Solving complex problems using complexity and network theory! Nov 2012
IRGSC statistical analysis of pigs population in
East Nusa Tenggara 1971-2012.